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Rip training utilizes a lever bar and resistance cord to provide a unique mix of rotation, core stability, control, power, strength, mobility, balance, metabolic conditioning, and coordination challenges.

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Golf Gong is a series of Qigong movements, specifically developed for golf. The exercises build strength, balance, flexibility, and concentration. With roots in ancient Chinese culture dating back more than 4,000 years.


The DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Training workout programs make the body stronger, healthier, and more mobile. The complex movements are based on progressions and load placement. The programs are for all fitness levels.



Dicio is power. The movements are performed with an olympic bar, and require a considerable amount of strength and agility. The system is designed for advanced athletes.

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Velox is defined as swift and fast. This is attained by controlled movement, stabilization, and rotational strength. The system is performed with a weighted bar and is for all fitness levels.

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Flex is a fitness system which uses The Body Bar FLEX, an exercise tool created by Body Bar®, using the The Body Bar FLEX®. Join our Facebook page below to know when this system is available.

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Ra Magna is a multi directional workout routine, developed for the treadmill. Ra signifies the soul, and Magna symbolizes strength. The system focuses on awareness, coordination, and athleticism in a transitional environment.

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Neo demonstrates athletic and dynamic movements with an easy-to-grip medicine ball usually 2–25 lb (0.91–11 kg). The word Neo means to spin and interweave. The system targets core strength, coordination, and explosive power.

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Nu represents the abyss out of which creation begins. It is the foundation of all the original systems of United World Fitness. The movements of Nu are adaptable with or without weight, and are for all fitness levels.

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